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3 tygodnie temu


Hard hitting addition the #ThePack2021!

Just few weeks till our first gameday in the European League of Football. It’s hightime we introduce you to our defensive backup, that will join us in our fight for every yard and touchdown!

Today's great addition to our roster is a linebacker/safety D1 athlete with impresing European expeirence having signed Swarco Tirol Raiders last year or leading the GFL2 in tackles.

6'0" and 220lbs newest #ThePack2021 member:

William Lloyd - Linebacker, Troy University.

Just like previously, we asked William few questions in order to 

Why did you choose to join the Panthers?

I chose to join the Panthers because I wanted an opportunity to do something different and bigger in another country. I’ve never been to Poland, and it will be an honor to be able to work with a special group of guys. This also gives me an opportunity to compete with some of the best talent across Europe. Ever since I’ve been in Europe, I was told that GFL teams were the best amongst other countries. This give me and Panthers Nation an opportunity to show the world that we’re able to compete and conquer as well.

How would you describe your playing style?

I would consider my style of play as hard nosed. I take pride in running to the football and stopping the run. With my biggest strength being able to run sideline to sideline, I find myself always close to the football. As a vocal leader, I try to put myself and the guys around me in a better situation to make plays. With speed, I’m able to run and keep up with most slot receivers to add another dimension to our defense.

What can the team and the fans expect from you?

Panther nation can expect me to come and give everything I have to ensure we succeed. My goal is to make everyone around me better football players. I expect to build great long lasting relationships with my fellow coaches and players. I take pride in everything I do, and the fans can expect a show every time I step on the field.

Definitely worth mentioning, that in 2019 William representing the Ravensburg Razorbacks in Germany’s GFL2 playing as a linebacker, topped the league in tackles by a wide margin recording 151 with average 11.6 per game!

Before seeing us on the field for the first time this year, we invite you to check Lloyd’s highlight tape from Troy University!