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4 miesiące temu


From Green Bay to Wroclaw, the first bomb of 2021!

Big news delivery is at this point one of our traditions. Our players have already started strength and conditioning practices, meanwhile we come to you with another portion of superb news, concerning our first international support, which will perform in our uniforms in the 2021 seas

As announced earlier, today's news is as big, as the player that will line up next to our offensive linemen. 194cm tall with 120kg sounds different when not talking about linemen or linebacker, but a Tight End!

On his journey to Wroclaw, our player gained his skills and experience as a 4 year starter in D1 NCAA Miami RedHawks and the Green Bay Packers of the NFL!

Without further ado, we introduce the first international #ThePack2021 member:

Ryan Smith, Tight End, Green Bay Packers!

Wieści wielkie jak zawodnik, który ustawi się obok naszych liniowych ofensywnych w sezonie 2021 💣 Mamy zaszczyt i...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Piątek, 8 stycznia 2021

Ryan answered some of our questions, so you can get to know him better, before the upcoming ELF season:

Why did you choose to join the Panthers?

I chose the Panthers because of what I saw in Coach Jakub Samel and the organization. Coach Samel is passionate about what he does and brings energy to the table. There was clear communication throughout the recruiting process, which demonstrated to me that the organization has a high level of commitment and dedication to their team and the players they consider bringing into the fold. After Coach Samel shared some videos and information about the team, it was clear that the Panthers have a fantastic program and an electric fan base that I can't wait to be a part of and to make a home for myself in Wroclaw. 

How would you describe your playing style?

I would describe my playing style as aggressive, explosive, and entertaining. When the lights are off and nobody is watching, I have my head down and I am working hard. But when game day comes, I want to make sure that Panthers fans are getting what they want - a fast-paced and high energy performance. Fans want to see a player who will fly around the field and make plays while have fun and keeping the crowd involved. 

What can the team and fans expect from you?

The team can expect a hardworking and competitive player with a goal of helping the Panthers succeed this season. I am coming into this opportunity with the understanding that I will have to earn my spot on this team just like everybody else and I intend to put my best foot forward to show Wroclaw what I'm made of. I know this opportunity is earned, not given. The fans can expect me to work hard and do everything I can for this team. I want the success of this program to continue and I am hoping to be a part of that journey! I am very passionate about this game and love playing it with enthusiasm so you will definitely see me having a lot of fun out there.

Ryan is the first, but not last international athlete signed for the upcoming season. We strive on the fact, that our organization is well-appreciated by the sponsors, city of Wroclaw, international coaches and players, and most important our fans- Panthers Nation! Together, we create a brand, that the whole city and country can be proud of. 

We are glad, that during the season Ryan will play on our side, and for all the fans and our opponents- have a look on Ryan's CFB Highlights here: