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New season, new challenges, new support!

The upcoming season, will be the first in our organization’s history, during which, our attention will be fully focused on international tournaments.

The teams that will soon enough perform under the European League of Football are with no doubt ones of top organizations in Europe. Long trips, prolonged game duration, combined with NFL rulebook, will have a direct effect on our players, who despite long-term experience on domestic and international arenas will face new challenges on many different occasions.

This year’s coaching staff will be supported by The Sideline Hustle!

Uczymy się tylko od najlepszych! Ponad 50 zawodników NFL oraz 9 lat doświadczenia w NCAA, a od tego roku wsparcie...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Wtorek, 5 stycznia 2021

Over 50 NFL players and 9 years of College Football experience are some of many references of coach Drew Lieberman. As a second European club (just after the Vienna Vikings), our team is signed for a lasting cooperation with coach Lieberman.

The Sideline Hustle together with TSH.EU through online meetings and individual workshops will ensure our Skill Position athletes can gain the highest level possible.

“We are really glad to establish this cooperation with The Sideline Hustle. I’ve met coach Lieberman in Vienna, and was under great impression of his knowledge and involvement level in Wide Receivers training. This year’s cooperation with TSH will not only positively influence our players but also coaches, whose development will affect this and the following seasons says Head Coach Jakub Samel.