Panther Wrap 04/21

2 lata temu | 07.05.2021, 10:06
Panther Wrap 04/21

News flash from Wroclaw, Poland, so how was April for Panthers?

We know the ELF schedule!

After a long time of uncertainty and the development of an international project "behind the scenes", we got to know the full schedule of the first season of the European League of Football! Out of ten games of the regular season, five will be played on the pitch of the Olympic Stadium in Wrocław. An additional flavor is the fact that our league debut on June 19 will be the first game in the history of ELF and we will play it at home, and our opponent will be the Cologne Centurions team.

Jest i on! Wyczekiwany przez nas oraz naszych kibiców terminarz rozgrywek European League of Football 2021 🚀 Już 19 i 26...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Wtorek, 20 kwietnia 2021

The Eagles have landed

In March we were joined by a full set of American players in the Panthers colors in the 2021 season! Cody Wiliams, Lamar Carswell, William Lloyd and Darius Robinson will be ready to fight for every point for Wrocław from the very first whistle. The reinforcements have already started work and training with the team under the supervision of the Panthers training staff.

Lądujemy w Port Lotniczy Wrocław❗ Powitaliśmy nasze amerykańskie wzmocnienia na sezon ELF European League of Football we...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Czwartek, 15 kwietnia 2021

New arrivals at Panthers Softball

Additionally, March brought us another historic moment, and the players of the Softball section were joined by support from Carissa McBirnie! The American with her experience, knowledge and skills supports the girls both on the pitch and in training, passing on a lot of knowledge gained in the teams of Dordt College and AIB College of Business.

Tworzymy Historię! 🥎 "Best is the Standard" nie jest dla nas jedynie pustym hasłem, lecz czymś, o czym myślimy...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Czwartek, 22 kwietnia 2021

Jakub Łach is a guest of the Halftime Show podcast

Jakub Łach, fans learned about the series of graphics Łach Stats, in which we presented statistics developed during the season in terms of specific players. In Kamil Ptaszkiewicz's podcast, Kuba told, among other things, what his work at the Panthers coaching staff is about, and what difficulties statistics may encounter while analyzing the Polish league matches live! We invite you to listen - definitely a must for people from the Polish sports environment!

Kolejna Pantera gościem Kamila Ptaszkiewicza w Podcaście Show 😻 Odpowiedzialny za statystyki oraz ich...

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Working at top speed

Strengthened by our American players, we ran as a full squad to the two-day Camp on the pitch of the Olympic Stadium. Two days filled with trainings, conversations with positional trainers and theoretical meetings allowed us to synchronize with the latest elements, both in attack and defense! The video report by Box Media will best illustrate what the weekend for Panthers players looks like!

Riding with the best!

In the 2021 season, we are continuing our cooperation with FanLogic and the NaszBus carrier. The newest element in the FanLogic fleet - the Mercedes-Benz Tourismo coach, using technology developed by Daimler, has an advanced ventilation system that can filter all the air inside the vehicle within 3 minutes. These filters significantly reduce the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. Thanks to FanLogic, we can focus on what we are going to Europe for - a game at the highest possible level.

More on the cooperation covered in the article published some time ago on the website. Click here to see more!

Softball is back!

After further decisions delaying the start of the Polish Women's Softball League season, we finally ran to the first tournament in Kutno, and what a debut it was! With the Panthers Carissa McBirnie, the girls once again outclassed the competition, showing how offseason work pays off in the season! After three consecutive matches the girls went to the dressing room with the results: 11: 2, 1: 0 and 11: 4 (successively: Warsaw Daimonds, Gepardy Żory and Stal BiS Kutno), returning to Wrocław with a perfect balance of 3: 0!

Weekend kończymy zdecydowanie dobrą wiadomością! 🥎 Dziewczyny z Panthers Softball w dzisiejszym meczu pokonują pewnie...

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Lacrosse plays on!

On the day of the beginning of the PLSK season, girls from the Panthers Lacrosse section also played the second round of PLLK in Katowice. In the second away tournament we faced the host team - Walkiria Katowice (PW 17: 2 WK) and the defending Poznań Hussars Ladies championship title (PHL 14: 7 PW). After the tournament, the girls returned to Wrocław with a balance of 3: 1, and the next league matches will be played on May 22 in Września!

Część planu w Katowicach wykonana. Dziewczyny wracają z turnieju z kolejną wygraną. Gratulujemy zwycięstwa drużynie z Poznania, a my wracamy do pracy. Walka o Mistrzostwo trwa! 🏆

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Road to Merkur Spiel-Arena Düsseldorf

We got to know the arena where the first European League of Football final will be played! It is the Merkur Spiel-Arena in Dusseldorf that is the stadium where the two best teams of the 2021 season will meet. Although we will not know these teams for the next 4 months, the sale of tickets for the event has already started!

Poznaliśmy arenę, na której zmierzą się finaliści rozgrywek ELF European League of Football 🔥 Stadion Sportstadt...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Piątek, 23 kwietnia 2021

Tickets are available on the website of the official partner of the league - Ticketmaster.

Softball and Lacrosse under pressure - Life Chamber, Normobaric therapy in progress!

Continuing our cooperation with Life Chamber brand from Wroclaw, we've begun a two-week-long therapy at Life Chamber facilities. During the first group session our Lacrosse and Softball players got to know the profits coming from regular sessions at the chamber. Soon enough we will interview them, asking for their experience after the 14 days of regeneration at Life Chamber. Correct relaxation and regeneration of our athletes is especially important now, as both teams have started their seasons already, fighting for the next titles for the city!