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#ThePack2021, Let's go!

First decisions concerning the full composition of our coaching staff for the upcoming 2021 ELF season are already past us! Curious?

After morning news of Jan's Tybura second round TKO victory during the UFC Vegas 17 it's high time for some big news from our side!

Head Coach for the Panthers Wroclaw Football Team, for the next season- Jakub Samel!

Ta informacja już kilka razy pojawiała się w naszej komunikacji, więc pora powiedzieć to oficjalnie. Kuba Samel będzie...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Niedziela, 20 grudnia 2020

After past years of success and the defending the National Champion title in Polish Bowl XV, our team faces another challenges, this time on international arenas of European League of Football. Read more about the decision here.

Training and constant improvement of training staff, basing on polish talents has been one of our main goals for years now, this is why coach Samel, also referred as "Best Polish Coach", after 2020 season was named "Europe's Coach of the Year" by The Podyum.

Definitely worth mentioning is latest online meeting of coach Samel, Panthers offensive line and running backs with Evan Harrington- one of the Washington Football Team's coaches. The Washington Football Team is well known in American Football world as one of the NFL teams. We are incredibly thankful for amount of knowledge, we were able to get during the meeting. 

Offseason? Wolny weekend? Na pewno nie u nas! Nasza linia offensywna i running backs właśnie skończyli poranną sesję teoretyczną z Trenerem Washington Football Team - Evanem Harringtonem z Europe's Elite.

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Sobota, 19 grudnia 2020

"I'd like to thank the whole organization for the trust in the upcoming year. I assure you, we will do whatever it takes to improve and prepare our players for upcoming highly demanding season. We have already started organizing special meetings, like the one with Washington Football Team's coach, in order to ensure best experience for our players. Thank you all once again, and now it's time to carry on with 2021 offseason!"