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Panther Wrap 02/21

All the most crucial info of our February wrapped in one place!

We're playing, still with KFC!

Great news for the opening of the month already! It will be another season we can fight proudly supported by the KFC. Thanks to that, we professionally develop the team on polish and international arenas! Thank you for all we've done together, now it's time for more hard work side by side!

Wieści z kategorii świetnych nigdy zbyt wiele! 😍 #ThePack2021 rośnie w siłę właśnie dzięki takim sponsorom jak KFC...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Środa, 3 lutego 2021

Till the end of the world, and one day more!

Championship ring is already a Panthers' tradition. This year, one extra piece was made, with well known red heart (Biggest polish charity organization logo) and "29th Finale" emblem. It was made for the winner of out charity auction for the WOŚP organization, which ended at the final price of 4,594 PLN! Every single year we are happy to be a part of this fantastic event, we are glad we can take part in the biggest charity event in Poland!

Another element right where it's supposed to be

At the end of the month we welcomed a coach, we've announced back in January - we were joined by Coach Brett Rosenbaum! A coach with great experience gained both as a player and coach in the USA, Great Britain, Australia, or Finland. It is now time to use this great knowledge with Panthers Linebackers and Special Teams.

More to read about the coach here.

Witamy w domu Trenerze! Dziś do sztabu szkoleniowego już osobiście dołączył Brett Rosenbaum 🏈 Trener zajmie się...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Poniedziałek, 1 marca 2021

We've been creating history for the 15 years, together just from now!

Dutch shop Forelle is one of the few brands our veterans could have trained using a real football over 10 years ago! After all that years, as Panthers we fight the top European teams all across the continent we join forces on the conquer of European League of Football! Welcome to the team old friends!

Cóż za tydzień dla Panthers! 👀 Sklep, dzięki któremu weterani futbolu w Polsce już ponad 10 lat temu mogli trenować...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Czwartek, 25 lutego 2021

SunTech Polska - the newest #ThePack member

New sunny logo on our Softball jerseys! From now on SunTech Polska, company operating on the photovoltaic market is takin care of our Panthers Softball section. Thank you for the trust and support, let's now work for much more! We wish you and ourselves only sunny days ahead of us! 

HIstoryczny uścisk dłoni prezesów i nowe logo na koszulkach zawodniczek Panthers Softball 🤩 🥎 Sponsorem Panthers na...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Wtorek, 23 lutego 2021

DPD x Panthers

They are Your Delivery Experts, we are your Football experts, high time to join forces and that's how from 2021 DPD is our logistic Partner! Our supporters will have a special code, thanks to which their packages will travel faster and on lower costs than anywhere else!

Definitely, worth to take time to watch Box Media work concerning our cooperation!

30 years of success!

Behind the international success of our team are dozens of staff members, players and sponsors. There is one company which involvement changed the picture of polish American Football and our team especially - Tarczyński SA! On the 26 of February brand have celebrated it's 30th anniversary! 

We'd like to congratulate the owners and workers all the international successes in the development process of the brand!

Historyczny dzień w firmie Tarczyński 😍 Trzydziestolecie marki, bez której nasz klub nie byłby w stanie funkcjonować na...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Piątek, 26 lutego 2021

Long awaited juniors combine

After all the delays due to pandemic situation we were finally able to host a junior team combine. A group of young athletes under a careful supervision of Head Coach Jakub Samel and other members of coaching staff recruits underwent the series of test and now they are able to begin their preparation process for their first ever American Football season! We can't wait to see them in the field wearing black and blue uniforms for their season and be a part of their whole journey as Panthers.

Panthers Overview

Developing 2 new sections of the club obliged us to present all we offer in the 2021! That was the main thought that made us create the Panthers Overview series. Players of all sections take time to clearly introduce their disciplines to the wide base of fans. In 9 episodes we focus on main rules of Football, Lacrosse and Softball, used equipment and what should you focus on while watching the games. First hand information is the best way of learning before first seasons as Panthers fan!

The meritorious parts are combined with sport highlights edited by Box Media, which again prove to be the best sport video company on the market!

The episodes premiere every Thursday on our Facebook and YouTube channel with english subtitles.

#ThePack at the Hejtparku!

Michał Latoś, Szymon Adamczyk i Robert Rosołek, czyli "potężna ekipa z Panthers Wrocław" gośćmi Hejtparku w Kanał...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Wtorek, 9 lutego 2021

The guests of Poland's most watched internet sports series on "Kanał Sportowy" channel were Michał Latoś (Panthers President), Szymon Adamczyk, Robert Rosołek and Przemysław Banat. The formula of the show is live interview with possibility to call the studio and ask the questions by live audience. The visit was watched by over 50k people and call from all around the country developed and interesting conversation about the past and the future of Wroclaw's Football, opportunities and strengths of the ELF.

We can't wait for our another opportunity to show up and perform in front of such a great audience! 

Pytanie na Śniadanie

Due to Super Bowl live broadcast on the Polish National TV, our players were invited to be a part of live TV studio day prior the game. On the quick entry they were able to shortly introduce the discipline to the country-wide audience thanks to the popularity of the show. We consider that a great step and indicator, on how well American Football is entering the mass media in Europe. These steps are crucial in the promotion of sport among people who have never even thought it's being played on such a high level in the Europe.

Screen time for the ELF!

European League of Football games officially broadcasted live by strongly involved in American Football community in Germany and ProSieben MAXX TV. 13 games of the regular season, broadcast of the games of the week, live playoff games and most interesting games shared on platforms.

International league with international range is what Europe was needing for years now, we are extremely happy to be an integral part of this revolution.

Świetne wieści na niedzielę 😍 Niemiecka stacja ran, słynąca między innymi z popularyzacji NFL, oficjalnie pierwszym...

Opublikowany przez Panthers Wrocław Niedziela, 7 lutego 2021